A STOLEN Mercedes taken from a pensioner’s driveway was tracked to Laindon before disappearing.

The theft of the £50,000 silver GLC 43 has devastated the owners whose daughter managed to track it to a set of privately hired garages but police were unable to get a warrant to search them.

The vehicle was stolen from a home in South Woodham Ferrers at 3.45am on Wednesday, October 16, and was tracked to Holst Avenue in Laindon.

Caroline Mclaren, the daughter of the victims, both 66, who were out at the time, discovered that the car had gone on Thursday morning.

The 36-year-old, said: “I went round there on Thursday.

“Finding that the car wasn’t there was a huge shock.

“I didn’t know how to break the news to my mum and dad.

“When I told them, my mum was in tears.

“She thinks the best of everybody. It’s their first experience of something happening like this.

“They now haven’t got a car.

“They normally double lock the car so nothing like this could happen.”

Mrs Mclaren explained that once the car had been tracked to Laindon, her and her husband went to the address. She added: “I told my husband to find out where it is. Once we knew, we went straight there. We had the keys ready to drive it home again.

“We found ten or so garages which we then discovered were rented out.

“There was no sign of the car at all.

“Police can’t execute a warrant because they’re not 100 per cent sure which garage it might have been in.”

She added her parents had bought the car outright in 2017 and “there’s now no expectation of finding it”.

“They obviously have technology to remove the tracker, as the car is apparently still in the same place in Laindon. I highly doubt it’s still there.

“Once it was removed, it’s probably been shipped somewhere.

“My mum and dad don’t want to find it or use it again, just out of principal,” she added.

Essex Police confirmed they are investigating and that no arrests had been made.

Anyone with information call Essex Police on 101.