AN animal lover has spoken of her joy after mechanics and vets rushed to help save a stray cat from her car engine.

Carol Vivian, 62, from Southend had taken the cat to Medivet, Lifstan Way, Southend to get it checked but it escaped the cat basket and managed to get into the engine of her car.

She called mechanics at Sun Motors Garage, Woodgrange Drive, Southend who rushed to rescue the cat and then returned after Carol’s car broke down on her way home.

Carol said: “She is a 10-year-old cat that I have been feeding for about five years now.

“She got out of the box and got into the bottom tray of the car engine.

“It’s not the sort of thing you expect to happen on a Monday morning.

“The vets and mechanic were just so nice and helpful and the mechanics refused to take any money.

“They jacked the car up and got her out and there were about six of us trying to get her out of the car engine.

“We were all scratched to pieces and she was biting and scratching us all like mad because she was scared.

“Everyone was so nice and there’s a lot to be said for using businesses close to home.”


Help - Mrs Vivian, Shane Evans and Stephen Barnes 

Mrs Vivian said the wonderful help she received restores her faith in humanity.

She said she cannot thank the mechanics and vets enough for all their help.

Staff at the garage and vets said they were only doing their jobs.

Shane Evans, workshop manager and director at Sun Motors said: “We were only too happy to be able to help.

“We always do our best to help everyone and especially take extra care of our customers.

“It’s just part and parcel of a working day in our industry.”

Debbie Hill, 36, head nurse at Medivet Southend said the staff were very concerned for the welfare of the animal.

She said: “We would not have stopped working together until the cat was brought to safety.

“It was a great outcome for the cat on the day and it isn’t something I have ever come across in my line of work.”