WETHERSPOONS bosses have quashed rumours they will be opening up in Southend’s iconic Kursaal - yet an MP thinks it’s a good idea.

The pub chain comfirmed it had no plans to open a giant pub in the former bowling alley, despite pleas from members of the public.

Even Southend and Rochford MP, James Duddridge agreed it would be a decent move. He said: “The Kursaal is one of the town’s most famous landmarks and it saddens me to see it left empty and unused.

“Whilst the idea of a Wetherspoons may seem questionable at first, the pub chain is known for preserving historic buildings and bringing them back to life.

“The Kursaal is such a large space so it may be wise to have more than one use for it, but I certainly wouldn’t dismiss the idea of a Wetherspoons.”

Yet when questioned by the Echo on whether bosses would consider opening a branch in the Kursaal, a Wetherspoons spokesman simply responded: “No, we wouldn’t.”

The venue has been closed since April.

Other ideas have included a permanent museum for the ‘Prittlewell Prince’, a music venue and an ice rink.

The Wetherspoons talk took Twitter by storm too.

A number of tweeters were firmly against the idea of a new Kursaal pub.

@Dollypogs tweeted: “Oh please don’t. Why would you want that?

“Why not make a skating rink or something a family can enjoy rather than just a huge boozer.”

@Adam_Rogers87 also tweeted: “Make it into a water park or something decent. A go-karting place.

“Something people can enjoy - without getting drunk.”