MUCH-needed CCTV will not be installed in Rayleigh for two years, it has been claimed.

A working group, led by Rochford councillor Mike Webb, has outlined that an extra nine months is needed to “make a recommendation” for CCTV in the town, meaning it is unlikely residents will see any cameras installed before 2021.

The delay has angered residents and councillors, whose calls for CCTV have intensified after antisocial behaviour spiralled over the summer.

Mark Francois, MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, had also previously supported cameras being installed on the High Street, as well as the publication of a petition, which now has 1,600 signatures, to get CCTV installed.

James Newport, Lib Dem councillor for Rayleigh, said: “The can has been kicked down the road by the Conservatives with the portfolio holder for community, Mike Webb, to make a recommendation within nine months – so residents could be waiting until 2021 to see any CCTV, if Rochford District Council decided to install any.”

A member of the Rayleigh Residents Association, who have backed the introduction of CCTV, said: “I know the supporters of it were frustrated with the outcome of the meeting.

“Mike Webb has already spoken out against CCTV.

“It’s not looking great.

“It’s good to know that the anti-social behaviour has died down in the last month or so.

“The meeting with police definitely did some good.”

Mr Webb, councillor for Hawkwell East and the Rochford Council portfolio holder for community, told the Echo there are several questions surrounding CCTV in Rayleigh.

He said: “It’s being taken very seriously and the report will be submitted but there are a number of variables.

“We need to decide whether it will positively impact the community, where it will be installed, how much it will cost, and where the funding will come from.

“The money is one of the main questions. Everyone knows money is tight.

“It’s good to hear that the problems have quietened down.

“We must not forget that Rayleigh has two new town police officers which are using new tactics.

“The cameras need to be of the right quality too.”

The issues was discussed at a Rochford Council meeting last Tuesday, October 22.