A FURIOUS niece claims Basildon Council is refusing to rehome her disabled aunt despite “ten-foot-long” cracks all over her council home.

Nicky Woodward says Basildon Council suggested the family of Christine Stacey, 72, instead finds a sheltered complex for her to move into.

Ms Stacey suffers with a number of conditions including lung conditions COPD and emphysema and has also suffered a stroke and lives with diabetes.

Nicky said the situation has forced her aunt, who lives in The Hyde, Langdon Hills, to feel suicidal due to the stress of what has been going on.

Basildon Council bosses, however, say they are ready and willing to carry out the repairs.

Niece Nicky, 51, said said: “The cracks all over the walls are appearing all the time.

“There are at least 12 and some are an inch and a half wide and 10 foot long and stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

“She has lived there for 40 years and doesn’t want to be a bother or burden and has always followed the council rules.

“The council told us they will not repair the cracks until she has moved into a new property but will not move her, so we’re stuck in a catch 22 situation.

“The council told us to visit sheltered housing complexes which we did last weekend. They are putting the responsibility on us of finding her somewhere else to live.”

She said it shouldn’t be down to the family to find her alternative accommodation, adding: “It’s been going on for years now and the council has previously fixed some cracks but as soon as they do, more appears.

“I am so angry, frustrated and upset about what has been happening.

“I just want the council to please move her as soon as possible. We’ve been told she cannot swap homes with another council tennant due to the cracks in the walls and damage to the property.”

A Basildon Council spokesman said: “Our structural engineers, Keegans, carried out a structural survey and recommended crack repairs, which was then forwarded to Morgan Sindall who made repairs early last year.

“A second structural survey was carried out in August this year due to cracks reappearing, however the resident refused the recommended repairs. On November 4 we were contacted by relatives of the resident who have asked for the work to progress. We advised Morgan Sindall to contact the resident to arrange repairs.”

51, from Seaford in Sussex