FOUL tenants are throwing used sanitary towels from their tower block home windows, it is claimed.

The issue has forced angry tenants to put up a notice in a communal area of the Malvern flats, Malvern, Southend.

The notice, seen by the Echo, states: “To whoever keeps throwing dirty sanitary towels out of their window please stop.

“There is no shame in a period but this dirty waste belongs in the bin.

“It is hazardous to people’s health and not pleasant for residents or the caretaking staff.

“If you continue the housing association and environmental health will be informed.

“Thank you in advance, all Malvern residents.”

Furious families blasted the mindless residents dumping the potentially dangerous waste.

Kaleigh Burrows, 45, said: “I’ve never known of anything so awful in my life.

“People don’t realise how bad this can be and how much disease it can cause.

“It is unthinkable that someone would do this.

“A child could pick it up or anyone and it doesn’t bear to think about.

“South Essex Homes needs to deal with this as soon as possible.

“We simply can’t have this sort of thing going on here.

“I can’t believe anyone would ever do this sort of thing.

“Whoever is doing this needs to have a serious rethink about their actions.”

Derrick Baxter, 71, said: “It makes me worried as we have young grandchildren visit.

“And I know lots of children play around the grounds.

“We don’t want our children or anyone else’s children any where near this sort of thing.

“I hope the association can deal with this very soon because as residents we shouldn’t have to be putting up with this.

“There is no reason at all for anyone to do this, when they must have bins in their home.

“To think that has been going on is absolutely disgusting.

“I did see the notice and agree with it and hope who did this sees it.”

Joanne Smith, 33, called for more checks on the Southend tower block.

She said: “We will not stand for this.” South Essex Homes was contacted for comment about the behaviour and any checks or warnings which can be provided.

A South Essex Homes spokesman said: "[We] are aware of reports of items being thrown out of windows into the communal gardens, we have reminded all residents that this is not only a breach of their tenancy but also unacceptable behaviour and unpleasant for this community.

"All residents were also reminded and encouraged to use the facilities provided to dispose of their rubbish appropriately and the recycling options that are available.

"Should perpetrators be positively identified they will be recharged for the disposal of any rubbish or large items.

"We would encourage residents to report this unacceptable behaviour directly to South Essex Homes on Freephone 0800 833 160."