TWO commemorative silhouettes to remember our fallen heroes are in place in Billericay in time for Remembrance Sunday - thanks to a kind-hearted handyman.

Tony Andreetti, from AJA Property Maintenance Ltd, offered his services for free to Billericay Town Council. Now the new additions are pride of place at the war memorial off High Street.

It comes after the council fundraised thousands of pounds to buy them.

Jim Devlin, town council chairman, said: “Tony did it as his contribution towards remembering all those who have fallen in all our wars.

“We are so grateful to Tony and this year he had to do extra work as we repaved the area too.

“So we owe Tony an extra big thank you for his help and efforts. We purchased them after fundraising £3,600 with the help of the public.

“They are quite a moving sight for anyone who walks past and will be up for the whole month. I think it’s so important to remember.”

Mr Devlin said it’s as important today as ever to remember fallen service men and women and this will be apparent this Remembrance Sunday.

Residents said they were pleased to see even more ways to remember those who fought so bravely for our freedom.

Kelly Brookes, 41, of Lion Road, Billericay, said: “This sounds like such a wonderful idea.

“A lot of time we are complaining about losing our history - but this is keeping the memories of those people alive.

“It’ll also be very interesting for visitors and what a great place to create this.

“I think it can only be good news for the town and high street, it’s in a place where we can all see it and remember.”

Miles Burns, 23, of Chapel Court, added: “This is a wonderful thing to do and helps to restore faith in human nature.

“We need more people to do to good deeds like this.”