A WOMAN says she was spat at and attacked by a road rage van driver during argument.

Police are investigating the incident in which the woman claims she was struck on the forehead through the window of her car.

She told police she was being tailgated by a man in a van while driving over the bridge at Elm Road, in Shoebury, on Friday, November 1.

She then claims the van driver pulled in front of her before stopping and getting out of the vehicle where the alleged confrontation took place.

The victim claims she received verbal abuse from the man before being spat at and hit.

Pictures sent to Echo showed a visible lump on the side of her forehead.

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “Investigations are ongoing after a woman was assaulted in Elm Road, Shoebury, on Friday, November 1.

“A woman in her 40s reported that she witnessed dangerous driving whilst across the bridge to Elm Road at around 1.30pm.

“The driver of the other vehicle, a white van, then exited and began shouting at the victim. He then assaulted her through the open window of her car.”​

A 30-year-old Southend man has presented himself to officers since the incident and is helping them with their enquiries.

The spokesman added: “Anyone with information is asked to call Southend’s Local Policing Team on 101 quoting the crime reference number 42/173944/19.”

It is alleged that the man also had a small child in the passenger seat of the van.

Residents reacted on social media in disgust to the incident.

Nicola Rolfe posted: “That is awful. I hope she is okay and doesn’t lose her confidence to drive.”

Several concerns have been raised over speeding in the area, particularly at the roundabout where Elm Road leads.

Ann Clark, Shoebury ward councillor, said: “There’s lots of people charging around in their cars and an awful lot of speeding round here.

“I think the driving is getting more reckless in the area.

“As a passenger in a car recently, we signalled trying to come out from somewhere as we were trapped behind a bus, and a driver began shouting at us.

“There’s not much courtesy on the roads anymore.”

She added: “It’s absolutely disgraceful what happened to this poor woman and I feel very sorry for her.

“It must have been very scary.”