A BOMB hoaxer high on a cocktail of drink and drugs has been jailed for a year after causing a ten-hour stand-off with armed police.

Wayne Kavanagh had started the day by commemorating the life of his brother on the one year anniversary of his death.

The 28-year-old ended the day by forcing police to close off the area around Sherwood Way, Southend during a “hostage negotiation” as he threatened to kill himself, a woman and a three-year-old in the flat with him.

A large number of armed police officers, patrol cars, and negotiators filled Sherwood Way for the ten-hour stand off, with neighbouring properties having to be evacuated.

During sentencing yesterday Basildon Crown Court heard he communicated with police negotiators through the front door letterbox, before eventually passing a knife to them.

During the incident, on September 30, he claimed to have an AK-47 assault rifle, and a nine millimetre pistol.

He later placed a box on the window sill which he claimed was a “home-made bomb” causing police to clear the area.

He eventually surrendered to officers shortly before midnight the same day. Officers carried out a thorough search of the flat and no weapons were found.

Kavanagh appeared in front of Judge John Lodge via video link, reading a letter begging him not to put him in jail.

He apologised to all of the emergency services and to the families who were evacuated.

This is the second time Kavanagh has been involved in a stand off with police, having been arrested in the same road on November 10, 2012 after negotiations with firearm officers.

The court heard he has been in and out of jail since he was a teenager, with convictions for battery, actual bodily harm and harassment.

He was already in HMP Chelmsford for a previous breach of a non-molestation order, which is due to finish in January.

Judge Lodge chose to order Kavanagh to remain in prison for another 12 months following this for the bomb hoax.

This was reduced from two years due to Kavanagh’s efforts in prison to better himself, including counselling and classes in carpentry and electrics.

Det Insp Dave Richards said: “Kavanagh’s actions were cowardly and dangerous.

“We evacuated a large number of flats as a result of his threats and our officers spent the evening ensuring the safety of the other people inside the flat, one of whom was a toddler, who he was threatening to hurt.

“I’m glad that this disruption will see Kavanagh sent to prison, and hope this will serve as a warning to anyone else who is tempted to waste the resources of the emergency services in such a callous way.”