A CHILD was attacked with a heavy bar during a brutal mass brawl.

Horrified families were faced with about 25 youths when a fight broke out.

A victim, aged about 11-years-old was badly beaten after a fight broke out at Basildon Bus Station, Southernhay, Basildon on Tuesday evening, according to eye witnesses.

Danni Clarke, 24, from Laindon, whose father was almost killed in a similar attack, witnesses the attack and said the violent thugs do not know the consequences of their actions.

She said: “I was walking through the bus station and there was a group of around 25 kids surrounding two young boys who were shouting at one another.

“A young boy, no older than 11-years-old, in a white top with dark hair ran at another young boy and hit him in the face with a cosh looking item.

“Then five of his friends jumped on top of the young boy repeatedly punching and kicking the young boy how didn’t stand a chance.

“In the heat of it all one boy fell into my sister’s pram which had her twin babies in and I removed my two daughters out of danger whilst me and another woman in a yellow coat tried to defuse the situation.

“My dad, David O’Connor now 46, was a victim of a unprovoked attack 23 years ago and was left brain damaged.

“I normally don’t get involved with arguments but it hit home more because I know the consequences of attacks like this.”

Essex Police were contacted for comment following the brawl between the children.

Problems with youth violence led to a dispersal order being put in place on Friday in Basildon after information was raised about planned anti-social behaviour.