A COMMUNITY has been left shaken and reeling after a teenager was stabbed during a brutal attack.

Concerned neighbours said one of the properties covered by a large cordon was used as a bail hostel with regular problems.

Families claim they are regular harassed and police are called “weekly” to the area but it is still a surprise to see police tape, armed police and forensic teams.

Gerald Hill, 81, said: “There’s always trouble with different men and women going in and out of the home at all times of the night.

“We often hear shouting, bangs and fighting coming from the home.

“In the last few months police have been called to the property quite regularly.

“Despite all this, it is still very shocking what has gone on here.

“We have lived here about 45 years and we’ve never known anything like it in that time.

“It is horrible to think this is happening so close to home. I do not know what the world is coming to.”

Dexter Monroe, 51, said: “I saw the armed police and forensic team and police cars in the road.

“I’ve never seen so many police in one place at the one time.

“I also saw the large cordons around the two homes.

“It’s very concerning to see large police cordons like this and even worse when it’s next to your home.

“I came home with my young daughters and thought ‘oh my gosh, what’s happening here’.

“There are lots of people who are vulnerable such as elderly people and children and they shouldn’t have to be living around this sort of incident.”

Patsy Baxster, 33, said: “I’ve never seen or known anything like it in my life.

“I hope police catch who did this. It looks like police took swift action in this case.

“This is going to send shockwaves throughout the community.

“It’s just not good enough, we cannot put up with this.

“I think this will see people feeling worried about leaving their house and that is a very sad state of affairs.

“I think as a community we must stand strong against these sort of thing.

“We must stand up and show we will not let people who think this sort of thing is acceptable win.” The mum-of-two said she wishes the victim all the best at this time.

She said the stabbing is all anyone is talking about in the community.