NEW night cargo flights at Southend Airport are said to be “making life hell” for neighbours who insist they are being woken up throughout the night.

Airport bosses signed a huge deal with a ‘global logistics firm’ – believed to be Amazon – to fly cargo planes at the airport.

There are three additional flights each night – with residents as far as two miles away saying they are being kept up.

The three flights consist of two arrivals, at around 1am and 3am, as well as one departure at 5.30am.

Damian O’Boyle, 42, of the Marine Estate, Leigh, said: “It really is ridiculous. These flights through the night are having a serious impact on our lives.

“The quality of life for those living directly next to the airport must be awful.

“The last commercial flights is 11.30pm, so then we are being woken up every two or so hours. I have two children who are up every night.”

Terrance Miller, 66, of Denton Avenue, Westcliff, added: “No-one minds the daytime flights, we live by an airport, but one night time flight is one to many.

“They say they have had permission since 2010, but a lot has changed since then and it should be looked at again. Tens of thousands of people live under the flightpath, and they cannot all be woken three times a night by these flights. I know people considering moving, and I do not blame them.”

One resident living close to the airport, who asked not to be named, said she hasn’t had a good nights sleep since the cargo flights started.

She said: “It is like clockwork, I can guarantee I just get to sleep and then the next flight comes over. Living by the airport has always caused problems, but I have never had too many issues until this started. Now we essentially have flights all night long.”

The airport was asked for a fresh statement on the concerns, but chose not too.

However, in a recent meeting with the Echo, Charlie Geller, group head of communications for Stobart, said: “This new customer has meant three extra flights per night taking place at the airport – two arrivals and one departure.

“The departure is about 5.30am and the arrivals are around 1am and 3am. One of the biggest concerns we’ve had from local people is about what aircraft would be used, ie would they be huge noisy cargo planes keeping everyone awake?

“The answer is no. Each flight has the same noise emittance as a normal Ryanair flight and in terms of noise, the departures is always worse than the landing.”