REGARDING the article in the Echo about the callous petrol attack on police officers, once again we have a situation where those on the frontline are not, as all too often the case, supported by our courts.

Having seen the video of the incident on TV and the pictures in the Echo, the potential consequences to the officers involved could have been life threatening to say the least.

I read the report in the Echo last week that the perpetrator had been given a sentence of just over three years and I thought it was a printing error, at least a “one” missed off the front but apparently not so.

Therefore the likelihood is that, with good behaviour, the culprit will be back on the streets after a couple of years at most.

Given the circumstances of this case, it has left me wondering what planet the CPS and court judge live on to dish out what is little more than a slap on the wrist, displaying a total disregard for the officers’ lives that were put in danger.

The sentencing on this case needs to be challenged asap.


Blenheim Chase, Leigh