After declaring a climate change emergency, Southend Council need your help to investigate Leigh's energy infrastructure.

People who live and work near Leigh, are being asked to take part in two events to help map out the way energy is constrained in the area.

On November 21 between 11am and 5pm, an information gathering workshop will be held at Ye Olde Smack, where residents can discuss their energy consumption and experiences. This event will also give residents ideas on how to manage and reduce their energy consumption to help save money and the carbon footprint.

Southend Council has asked Siemens to investigate the energy infrastructure in the Leigh and Two Tree Island areas. Residents, businesses and visitors are being asked to take part in a short survey about the existing electricity network.

Carl Robinson, director for public protection, said: “Unfortunately there is an issue in the area of Old Leigh with a disruption of power which sometimes causes blackouts. We need to gather this information to help address the balance between the continuing needs of the tourist and fishing industries in the Leigh-on-Sea port area, with the challenge of climate change.

“It is hoped, through such direct action, it will be possible to plan a clean energy future for Leigh-on-Sea that will secure business and jobs in the area, while maintaining the unique, attractive character for generations to come.”

The survey can be found here:

To register for the event at Ye Olde Smack, please visit: