A WARNING has been issued after residents reported a bogus gas worker demanded thousands of pounds, on the same street where genuine gas works were taking place.

Cadent Gas have issued a warning to residents after a bogus worker reportedly knocked on doors in Thundersley, asking for a refundable deposit which would cover the cost of hiring of the equipment.

A resident posted on social media, stating that they were told twice to cough up the money, as work was required on their property. They refused both times.

A spokesman from Cadent Gas, issued a warning. He said: "People should not hand over money in these circumstances and any such requests should be refused and the matter reported to both the police and Cadent.

"We do not charge the public directly for gas mains and service pipe replacement work or associated activities such as equipment hire.

"For gas connection jobs there is a defined process including payment procedures and this process does not involve handing money over in this way.

"Cadent is currently carrying out essential gas mains replacement work in Thundersley Grove.

"Associated work is also taking place in Lake Drive and a new service pipe is being laid in Dorothy Gardens.

"To carry out connection and service pipe replacement work we require access to properties – however people should not let people claiming to be Cadent employees or contractors into their properties without inspecting their official identification card.

"All our employees carry official identity cards and these should be inspected before granting access, the identity of our employees can be verified by calling 0800 0965675."

Essex Police were contacted for a statement.