A CRASH victim who was left severely injured during a collision which killed her horse is appearing in a road safety campaign.

The British Horse Society has launched a new safety video as part of its new campaign called Dead? Or Dead Slow?

The video features the society’s director of safety, Alan Hiscox and Laura Thorogood of Canewdon Equestrians.

The group was formed following a tragic road incident involving Laura and her horse, Angel.

Angel tragically lost her life following the incident and Laura was left with a serious back injury.

The video features a raw and honest conversation between Laura and Alan, discussing the strong bond she shared with her horse Angel and the road incident where she and Angel were struck by a vehicle at 53mph.

The video has been created to highlight the seriousness of road safety for equestrians and the importance of passing horses on the road both safely and slowly as part of Road Safety Week this week.

Canewdon Equestrians has campaigned for three years to get the speed limit reduced where Laura’s accident took place in Essex.

Last month they were told that the speed limit will be reduced from 60mph to 40mph in Lark Hill Road, Rochford.

Alan Hiscox, director of safety at the society said: “Incidents similar to the one highlighted in the video is sadly becoming a reality for many equestrians across the country.

“The aim of this video is to clearly demonstrate the devastating impact these incidents can have on riders and horses.

“If drivers adhere to our Dead Slow key messages by slowing down and allowing enough space between themselves and the horse then we can help bring this incident rate right down.”

Laura Thorogood said: “As the third year anniversary of our accident approaches, although a number of years have passed the pain of losing Angel in such tragic circumstances still remains very prominent, to this day, in my mind.

“It was and will remain the worst day of my life.

“If anything can be learned from our message highlighted in this video and in addition to the Dead? Or Dead Slow? message it would be to take it slowly on country lanes in order to increase your reaction time and to “think” bend.