SAFETY concerns have been raised over cars parking on a road behind a hospital - after signage was mysteriously removed.

Dry Street runs behind Basildon Hospital and restrictions mean vehicles are strictly not allowed to park on any part of the road during peak hours.

The road, which comes off of Nethermayne, is often used as a slip road for emergency services vehicles.

Kerry Smith, deputy Basildon Council leader, said: “A number of my constituents have raised concerns about this since the issue began weeks ago, and I am amazed at how someone has not had a head-on accident because of it.

“People have started parking there because the urban clearway signs have been removed meaning there is no parking enforcement.

“I am concerned about the safety and access to the hospital.

“There has been no consultation with residents or anybody else let alone any other bodies, and this has now let to a dangerous situation close to a major building site - our local hospital.”

Parking enforcement in the area is managed by South Essex Parking Partnership, who say they are unable to enforce any parking infringements without the proper signage in place.

The council-run parking company has ordered new signs after having no luck with getting Essex Highways to replace them.

A spokesman for South Essex Parking Partnership, (SEPP) said: “Dry Street is an urban clearway which also includes the verges and footpath.

“Unfortunately, some of the signage indicating the restriction on the urban clearway has been removed and yet to be reinstated.

“The replacement signs will be installed early December and SEPP has taken the view that the restriction will not be enforced until the signs have been replaced.”

Essex Highways confirmed the signs had been removed, but were investigating the reasons why.

A spokesman for Essex Highways, said: “Unfortunately, these signs have been removed and we are currently investigating which agency or authority has removed them and why.

“Even without the signs, drivers must part considerately and so as not to obstruct emergency or other vehicles.

“Police can act if parking causes an obstruction, with or without the signs.”