A furious mum blasted passersby who refused to act after witnessing her son being attacked by an armed gang.

The gang of yobs attacked a young man and left him covered in blood near a train station.

The victim, aged 22 from Rayleigh, was targeted by the gang in Station Approach near Rayleigh Station in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

His furious mother, 51, from Hockley, said despite passersby witnessing the incident, nobody came to help her son who was covered in blood.

She said: “He had been out with friends and was walking back and was attacked by the gang. He believes they were about 18-years-old or under.

“One asked him for a cigarette and then the others started punching and hitting him.

“He crouched to the ground and thought it would make them stop attacking him.

“They hit his head and face and left him with a puffy lip.

“He jumped up and ran to a house and found a plank of wood and was trying to fend them off with it.

“They were then slashing at him with broken glass bottles.

“He was left with cuts to his back and said there was lots of blood, his clothes were all cut to pieces.”

The angry mum said he’s lucky the glass didn’t leave him with worse injuries.

She said the gang threatened him with a knife but did not actually produce one.

The young man managed to escape with minor injuries and reach the safety of a nearby friends house.

The mum added: “If they had a knife on them it could have been a different story and he may not have survived.

“Police told us there have been similar incidents and officers are hunting for this gang.

“Nobody came to help at all, my son said a number of passers-by just walked past while he was being attacked.

“There were lots of cars driving past and still nobody stopped.

“If I had seen something like this I would have gone for the gang.

“Someone who went past could have called the police or something; I understand people don’t want to get involved but I can’t get how people can do nothing.

“The people going past would had have phones to call someone for help.”

The parent said she’s so angry nobody helped her son.

She added he was left upset and very tired and slept for some of the following day.

The mother said he is determined not to be put off by the incident but sadly it’s hit him hard.

Call 101 with information.