A GRANDMOTHER was the latest victim of a pair of crooks harassing pet owners and attempting to steal dogs for illegal fighting.

The woman, aged 67, was approached by two men in a van in Craven Avenue on Canvey.

The pair, while smoking cannabis in the van, shouted at the woman claiming she failed to pick up her dog waste, before harassing her and a friend.

It is believed it could be the same men who approached a dog owner in Southwick Road and attempted to bait her pet into fighting.

The first man was described as having curly ginger hair and the second man had short brown hair.

The latest victim said: “I heard about the other similar incident and it sounds like it’s the same men who are going around doing this.

“They need to be caught and dealt with.

“They claimed to be on the phone to the police and reporting me for not collecting the dog mess.

“We could smell the drugs from the van and it was strong.

“They kept harassing my friend and I and were being a pest.

“We were enjoying a nice little walk and these idiots came along and spoil it.

“This should not be allowed, although they seem to think they can get away with anything.

“It made us feel uncomfortable and very angry.

“We can’t have people going around doing this.”

The angry pensioner said they need a clip round the ear after what they did.

She said she hopes highlighting the incident can lead to the two men being questioned.

She added: “They put a dampener on the walk, and said they must have made a big impact on their first victim.

Incidents took place on November 23 and November 30.

Anyone with information is asked to called Essex Police on 101.