THREE bands will come together for a fundraising performance in memory of a beloved teen.

Metal band ‘Heart of a Coward’ are set to headline a one-off concert at Chinnerys in Southend in memory of Charlie Reed.

Charlie, 16, sadly died in September this year following a battle with a rare type of blood cancer.

His death prompted an outpouring of grief in Leigh, where he was from, and the rest of the Southend borough.

The fundraiser, taking place on January 10, will be in support of Little Havens Hospice and Gold Geese charity.

Both support children with cancer and both supported Charlie through his battle with cancer in the run up to his death, on September 30.

The fundraiser is the brainchild of Charlie’s uncle, Richard Symons, a musician who plays in the band Against the Grain.

His band, along with Walk in Coma, will support Heart of a Coward at the show.

The 42-year-old said: “The venue and the band have pulled out all the stops for this event.

“I knew that I wanted to put on some kind of massive event to ensure Charlie had a legacy and that his memory could live on.

“Heart of a Coward were his favourite band when he was with us, and when he was undergoing treatment and then recovering they were so accommodating, they even sent him a signed symbol.

“We didn’t think they would actually get involved, but when I contacted them about the news of Charlie’s passing they were utterly shocked.

“They’ve agreed to do the concert for no fee; we’ll feed them pizza but they’re not taking any money.”

Charlie was a talented drummer, covering various artists and had written songs about bullying before he died.

His funeral was held at Southend Crematorium on October 7, which saw more than 250 people turn up to pay their respects.

Last year, in an attempt to find a bone marrow donor for him, more than 4,000 swabs were taken at an event in Old Leigh.

The three bands will perform from 7.30pm on January 10 with tickets costing £12 each.

Mr Symons added: “The band have been absolutely wonderful, we’re pushing this out there to make it as big as we can for Charlie.”

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