A THREE-YEAR-OLD is making Christmas cards to hand out to the homeless as a family plan care packages for those in need.

Adam and Vicky Whitehead’s three-year-old son, Tyler, will also be joining in and will be making Christmas cards with the help of his mum, who is planning to write loving Christmas messages inside.


Proud - Adam and Vicky Whitehead

Adam Whitehead, 28, a bus driver from Hadleigh, is a volunteer for the Salvation Army.

He said: “The Salvation Army work with the homeless and people in need all the time, so from being a member with them I have helped out with foodbanks and soup kitchens before, but since having my son I had to take a bit of a step back.

“But every Christmas Eve we have always tried to do something - last year we handed out fruit and Tyler came with us and helped, and it made us want to do something bigger this year.”

The family hopes to put together packages including one piece of warm clothing, such as a hat, scarf, or gloves, and an item of food.

Each package will include a home-made Christmas card from Tyler.

They are hoping to put together 50 to 100 packages.

Adam added: “Over the winter period and more importantly the Christmas period, there are lots of people who will miss out on the very basic luxuries most of us take for granted such as somewhere to sleep, food in their bellies, a warm drink in their hand or even a blanket to cover them.

“We are hoping that Tyler’s cards will let these homeless people know that someone is thinking of them during this festive time.

“We are thinking of starting in Southend High Street and if there is anything left over, we will drive along the London Road and hand them out to any homeless people we see on the way, right the way through to the Castle Point area.

“If we still have stuff after that, then we will go to Basildon too.”

Adam has already had lots of people wanting to help and is going round to homes next week to pick up some donated items of clothing.

Other children wanting to help are also welcome to make Christmas cards.

Contact Adam to help by emailing helpthehomelessinsouthend@gmail.com