A CAR ploughed through a garden wall before the driver fled the scene.

It is the second time the wall has been destroyed by reckless drivers.


Damage - outside Karen White’s home

The motorist is believed to have come round the junction of Hadleigh Road and Glendale Gardens, Leigh, and gone straight into the wall outside Karen White’s home - with debris smashing into her front door.

The 42-year-old's wall suffered the same fate in August 2017.

On the latest incident, she said: “It happened about 3am [this morning] and it was a massive bang, like an explosion.

"And because it happened before, I was scared; I couldn’t even go out there to have a look.

"I thought ‘surely this can’t have happened to me for a second time’.”

The next morning she heard children and neighbours commenting outside so she went to take a look.

She said: “I opened my front door and saw the mess and just shut the door and cried."

“I have spoken to the council about the issue at the junction several times. No one seems to care.

“What about when a child is killed next time? If they had have come through any harder they would have come through the front door.”

The first incident cost £8,000 to fix and this time the damage is worse and could cost double.

Karen, who has lived on Glendale Gardens for just over two years, believes the junction is dangerous and that speed bumps should be installed on Hadleigh Road.

A Southend Council spokesperson said: "A scheme to introduce speed reduction measures has been proposed and has been out to consultation.

"However, there have been a number of objections received to this scheme being implemented. A report is being drafted now which will be presented to Traffic and Working Party in January 2020 for a decision on the best way forward.

A spokesman for Essex Police confirmed an investigation has been launched.

Anyone with information or camera footage of the incident should call 101 citing 243 of December 10.