SHOCKING footage has emerged showing security at a family Christmas event punching and kicking a teenager in the face.

One bouncer at the Winter Wonderland event, in Hyde Park, London, has been sacked, and another suspended after the video went viral.

Footage - several bouncers attack the teen

Two teenagers got into a fight at the event on Sunday night.

Shortly after, two teens were thrown out by security who then appeared to take them to a concealed, fenced area.

During the video the words "I can't breath" can be heard as one of the workers appears to put his hand over the boy's face and push down.


Outrageous - the worker's hands are visible over the boy's face

One of the security guards then sits on the boy's chest before pinning him down and punching him in the face.

Before that, another one of the bouncers kicks him in the head twice.


Ouch - fist in the face


Nasty - kick in the face

A spokesman for Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, told The Sun Online: “We are aware of an incident that took place on Sunday evening, which saw members of the security team respond.

“Whilst handling this security issue, members of the security team acted inappropriately.

"A full investigation is underway and a security team member has been released from his post. Another has been suspended.”

The Metropolitan Police said three people had been arrested for public order offences but it is not clear if it was related to any of the punch ups in the footage.

A spokesman for The Metropolitan Police, said: "There were reports of an unknown substance sprayed.

"These reports have been thoroughly investigated and no evidence was found of any noxious substance.

"We are not aware of any serious injury."