FIREWORKS should keep their whizz but lose their bang according to campaigners who want to turn the volume down on explosions.

A motion has been submitted to Southend Council to only allow quieter fireworks.

Under the plans all public firework displays within the Southend borough would have to be advertised in advance, the council would launch a public awareness campaign on the impact fireworks can have on animal welfare and sellers would be encouraged to only sell quiet fireworks.

Tory councillor Tony Cox said he was inspired by an RSPCA campaign which reveals more than half of dogs, cats and horses suffer during firework displays.

He said: “This does not restrict the sale of fireworks but it makes them safer and restricts them from getting into the wrong hands. Pets get particularly scared during this time of year.”

Vet Mark Freeman, from Earls Hall Veterinary Hospital in Westcliff, said: “People do report that animals get quite distressed by fireworks. Some dogs need anti-anxiety medication, so our involvement is normally preventative measures.

“Cats can in particular can get quite scared by fireworks, becoming disorientated and lost.

“A lot of the problems with fireworks come from private displays as they are in people’s back gardens and it is noise that is the main concerns so reducing that would certainly be beneficial for animals.”

Suzanne Gloyne, Southend BID Manager said: “We take great care to publicise our events well advance of the first one taking place.

“We work closely with Southend Council to ensure that each and every one of our fireworks displays is correctly licensed and meets strict health and safety regulations.

“That said, given public concerns about fireworks - which are explosives, after all – I have already done some research with respect to using quieter fireworks for our 2020 programme.”