A FUNDRAISING team raised £2,000 and bought hundreds of gifts for ill children at Basildon Hospital.

Northreach Recruiment, a Billericay based business, organised and took part in a 24 hour board game marathon to raise money to allow them to buy the presents.


24 hours - the board game marathon

Members of staff are set to deliver the presents around the hospital on Monday, after playing their games last Friday.

This is the second year that the business have organised the present deliveries after their own staff and their families were helped by incredible doctors and nurses at the hospital.

Owner Sam Ingram told the Echo he wanted to thank Basildon Hospital after staff cared for his son, Jake, who suddenly stopped breathing.

He was two-years-old at the time and recovered well.

Director Phil Rose also had staff at the hospital to thank, after his son Alfie was born two months prematurely.

Sam explained how the board game marathon had raised more than £2,000. The 33-year-old, said: “It was really tough.

“We raised just under £2200, despite someone donating £100 instead of £10.

“It was great fun though. We played constantly throughout the 24 hours.

“There was plenty of energy drinks and coffee drunk.

“Everyone starting getting a bit delusional at around 7am and 8am. We all started flagging after 21 hours.

“A big shout out must go to the Billericay Board Game society who brought along some really good games.

“I did manage to win Risk once. That lasted for five hours. It passed the time really well.”

Mr Ingram expressed his gratitude to everyone who donated on the GoFundMe page.

He added: “Myself and the 20 of us who took part in the marathon would like to thank everyone who donated.

“Every penny has been spent on the presents.

“The money has gone to a really good cause.

“Everyone’s really excited to deliver the presents. There’s five of us heading down there to hand them out. We’ve got all sorts, ranging from Toy Story toys, dolls, and Paw Patrol.”