A PUB has insisted it has “no issues” with rodents after a video of a mouse scurrying around the premises was shared widely online.

The Last Post Wetherspoon’s pub, in Southend, was forced to call in pest control following reports of a mouse being spotted in the pub.

It comes just weeks after the Moon and Square Wetherspoon’s, in Basildon, was forced to briefly close after a mouse was spotted by punters.

The video, originally posted to social media on Boxing Day, shows a small mouse scurrying around the pub, close to tables where families were eating.

The pub has a five star hygiene rating, which was handed out by Southend Council following its most recent inspection in January this year.

Although the video was posted on Boxing Day, pub bosses have insisted it was actually filmed two weeks earlier.

And pub bosses claims there have been no issues since pest control visited following the incident.

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon said: “We have seen the footage posted on social media.

“It was uploaded on Boxing Day, however it relates to an issue two weeks beforehand.

“We did have an issue with a small mouse in the pub’s conservatory area, but a pest control team dealt with this and there have been no issues since.”

The Moon and Square reopened several hours after closing on December 6.

Sarah Hodgson, 37, of Southend, said: “Regardless of how many mice, when it happened, where in the pub it happened, it is worrying; none of the other stuff matters.

“This is somewhere people go to eat, I know it would be enough for me to never go back.”

“It says a lot this is the second Wetherspoons pub in weeks to have the issue, you don’t see it at other chains.”