I AM trying to arrange a reunion for former staff who worked at WH Smith in Southend between 1975 and 1980.

I worked in their travel agency during this time and I recently met Lin Howe who worked in the books department and we thought it would be a good idea to try and arrange a reunion.

If you were there at this time and would be interested in meeting up then please get in touch.

Mike King 92 Poors Lane, Hadleigh SS7 2LN 07988 815740 maltaspurs@aol.com

WE are hoping to get in touch with any post office messenger boys living in the south Essex area. It would be nice to catch up on stories from times before telephones, when a telegram was the only way of getting a message to someone on the same day Most of the telegram boys began work aged 14 or 15 and delivered telegrams on foot, by bike and then motorcycles in the days before telephones were widespread.

We have set up a website for former telegram messenger boys to keep in touch with each other.

We record past memories of their years as messenger boys (wags) sent to us, and also feature photographs of past reunions. At the end of the day the telegram messenger boys have a lot of history, and it would be a shame if any of that was forgotten.

We hope that former messenger boys will enjoy the site, and that they feel free to contribute stories/articles, and any old photographs.

We also accept any correspondence through the post, and will return all items after they have been scanned on to the website: www.birminghamsandsclub.co.uk Roger Green Birmingham Mail Centre St Stephens Street Birmingham B6 4AA 07967 029704

I AM organising a reunion on November 9-10 for pupils of Hornchurch Grammar School who started in September 1959 (1957 & 1958 also welcome).

I have had great difficulty in locating ex-pupils. I realise it is very short notice, but as none of these years, to my knowledge, have ever had a reunion, I hope that some who live in the south Essex area may read this, and be able to attend one or both days.

We have ex-pupils coming from all over the country and from Scotland. I am sure we will have great fun.

Marilyn Morgan 07712 653371 email mjh77@tiscali.co.uk