A CHILD genius with an IQ higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking has become one of the youngest members of Mensa.

At the age of ten years and seven months, Anika Mehta is one of the youngest children to have successfully scored the highest possible mark on the prestigious test.

The youngster could soon be gravitating towards Colchester as she has won a place at Colchester County High School for Girls as well as the grammar school in Chelmsford.

Anika, who lives in Chelmsford, scored 162 in the Catell III B test - a feat achieved by only one per cent of those who sit the society’s entry paper.

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking are believed to have had IQs of 160.

The test primarily examines verbal reasoning and, according to officials at Mensa, Anika’s result makes her a certified genius.

She joins just1,700 members under the age of 18.

Her proud mum Anandi said: “When she went in for the test she was a bit nervous as everyone else was a lot older.

“It is an amazing result. She came out of the exam and said it was really hard and she didn’t know how she had done.

“She surprised herself just as she did with her grammar school entry result.”


Parents Rajeev, a banker, and Anandi, a social media analyst, say a proper upbringing is important to their children’s development.

Anandi said: “A lot is based on how we bring them up at home, we are an academic family who believe you put in the work to get the result.

“Some might say it is just an IQ test and she does have natural ability, but it is connected to hard work - you don’t get one without the other.”

Anika’s brother, 13, attends King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford.

“We have always known they are high achievers, if you give them a piece of work they will just get it done no problem,” said Anandi.

“They are normal kids really, who love socialising with friends and love their sports.”

Outside of school, aspiring actress Anika enjoys drama and dancing.

Anandi added: “She is obsessed with pandas, so to celebrate her achievements we are planning a trip to Chengdu, China to fulfil her dreams of holding a real panda.”