A DISABLED woman who was left with prosthetic legs has been told her specially adapted car will be taken away.

Jacky Lavallin, 60, had both her legs amputated after a serious car crash 23 years ago.

For 13 years she has relied on the combined service of Ford Dunton and Motability, a company which enables disabled people, their families and carers to lease a new car using disability benefit.

With her daughter as her driver, Jacky has had four cars with the scheme, including their current 2019 Ford Focus.

However, on Monday, Jacky received a call from Motability, to tell her that an anonymous caller had informed them Jacky and her daughter Laura were misusing the car.

As a result Jacky, who lives in Wickford, was told that she could no longer use the car - and it would be taken away.

She said: “Ever since my car crash, I rely on that car.

“I have two artificial legs, I’m bound to my wheelchair.

“This is the only way I really get out. My daughter needs it for work which is literally up the road, but they’ve said she can’t use the car, even though it’s in the contract that she can.”

She added: “I’ve used my disability money to pay for the car, I’ll be lost without it in my life.

“How they can take a car away from someone who has no legs is beyond me - they should be ashamed.”

Her daughter, Laura Lavallin, worries without the car she won’t be able to help her mother get around whenever she needs to - and get back from work quickly enough if she’s needed.

The 30-year-old from Wickford, said: “I’m the only one in my family who drives and gets mum out.

“But Motability are taking the side of a complete anonymous stranger and aren’t listening to us or the contract which I have at home saying I can use the car for myself as well for the benefit of my mum.

“How is she supposed to go out when we have no car - she has no legs, she can’t walk and she is wheelchair bound.

“We are absolutely disgusted.”

A spokesperson from Motability, said they would not comment on individual cases but suggested Jacky’s car maybe under threat.

He said: “We are unable to comment on individual cases or investigations, but misuse of a scheme vehicle is something we take very seriously.

“Before an individual can lease a vehicle in the scheme, they will need to make sure that they are happy with, and have read, the terms and conditions. Every report of misuse we receive is carefully assessed and, if proven, acted upon.

“A customer can nominate up to three named drivers as part of their lease.

“However, the vehicle is only to be used by, or for the benefit of, the disabled person.

“This means named drivers in the household can use the vehicle for routine activities, as long as it directly benefits the disabled person.”