A PENSIONER says he is on the brink of suicide after having waited more than two years for an urgent knee and elbow operation.

Edward Bussey, from Benfleet, was left needing an elbow and knee replacement due to how much they had worn following a lifetime of working as a landscape gardener.

Unfortunately, the new elbow became infected and was removed, but never replaced. The infection also spread down to his knee.

The 69-year-old said he has since been free from infection for more than six months but the condition is debilitating and has left him unable to look after his wife Patricia, who is in a wheelchair.

His knee is currently ‘bone-on-bone’, which causes him excruciating pain.

Mr Bussey said: “I’m on the edge - I can’t take anymore. The pain is like sticking a knife through my knee.

“I just can’t understand why it is taking so long.

“I don’t know how much more my wife can take.

“I’m only 69 years old, I’m not an old man - I have always been quite fit and an active person.

“I’ve been in the building game all my life.

“Now I’m stuck in a chair all day.

“Going to the toilet is a nightmare. Things are getting too hard.”

The Echo previously reported in May 2019, that Mr Bussey had criticised Southend Hospital.

Almost, eight months later and Mr Bussey is still in agony and no further to having an operation.

Mr Bussey added: “At a recent appointment with the consultant I told them I felt like they were dragging this out to wait for me to die so they don’t have to do it and the nurses burst out laughing. I wasn’t joking. I was being serious.”

Southend Hospital provided an identical comment to when the Echo ran the story in May 2019.

Clare Burns, director of operations for planned and scheduled care at Southend Hospital, said: “We are currently treating Mr Bussey and we would welcome him to contact our complaints department to address any further concerns.

“They can be contacted via complaints@southend.nhs.uk or by calling 01702 435555 on extension 5144.”