Whilst I fully support any measures that reduces vehicle emissions and pollution, the proposals for the A127 are not one.

The plan for 50mph will have little to no effect for three fundamental reasons.

Firstly, the vast majority of the traffic using this section fails to reach 50mph in the first place.

Secondly, nearly all modern vehicles with their 7-9 speed auto gearboxes are most fuel and therefore emissions efficient at speeds between 55 to 65 (not 50) so will be made more inefficient by travelling at or below below 50mph.

Finally, the biggest issue for pollution in this area is the Fortune of War, which is remaining untouched.

Ask yourself, if vehicles are most fuel and emissions efficient at 55 to 65mph, why 50 why not 60, what about when we are all driving zero emissions vehicles, will the 50mph be lifted?

Cllr Kevin Buck

Councillor for Prittlewell Ward

Shadow Cabinet Member for Highways & Transport

Southend on Sea Borough Council