A BABY horse was discovered dead and with its legs bound in a country lane.

A shocked horse lover made the grim discovery in Old London Road, Rawreth, on Saturday.

The eight-month-old female foal was tied up and had suffered injuries to her rear end, eyes and ears.

The worried woman took to Facebook to post about the incident, sharing shocking details about the condition of the creature.

She covered the animal in a sheet after finding it.

She wrote: “This has to be the hardest work call out I’ve had in 14 years. She was a bay filly approximately eight-months-old.

“May you now run free little one, it has brought me to tears that such cruelty can happen to such a defenceless animal.

“My thanks to the RSPCA and the horse services firm for their help and response.”

She added: “If anyone has any information that can assist in finding those responsible please get in touch.

“I am only making this public so that people might be able to relate to a filly they have seen in fields recently and also to urge anyone who suspects other animals are in this same state to report [their fears] to the RSPCA.”

The woman added: “I have no idea where she came from originally, but she was definitely dumped from a vehicle.

“Her front legs were bound with bailing twine, and the twine extended to a length that showed it had been used to pull her from a field.

“Her mouth and teeth had mud in them so she had been dragged originally from a field.

“She was emancipated and had severe wounds to her rear, eyes and ears from predators, so we believe she had been in a very weak state in the field.

“I’m only glad that if this is how her early months were spent she’s been spared that for a lifetime.”

The RSPCA was contacted by the woman and it is understood an investigation has been launched. Call 0300 1234 999 with information.