SOUTHEND Council are warning that traffic problems are set to continue, despite the changing of traffic sequences at temporary lights.

In an email written to all councillors from Larissa Reed, the executive director of neighbourhoods and environments at the council, which the Echo has seen, it warns that traffic issues on the A127 will continue tonight, and possibly onwards, after access onto Rochford Road is blocked due to 12-week long roadworks which began yesterday.

This still comes after roadside staff changed the sequences at the temporary traffic lights.

The email also stated that there is increased concern for drivers, as the congestion last night lasted for a significant amount of time.

It read: "I am writing to let you know that tonight we had significant congestion as a result of the road closures on the A127.

"As you are aware, from today for a period of 12 weeks there is no access at all onto Rochford Road from A127 as a trench and traffic management will be within the carriageway.

"The north bound lane closure is expected to be in place until 3 April, which is subject to weather and contractors progress.

"It is not unusual to have problems when this type of work starts, however we are concerned for drivers as the congestion was significant for a period of time.

"As the issues in the evening peak arose, staff reviewed and changed the traffic lights sequencing to alleviate the problem. Whilst we know this was successful to a degree, there were still problems. We are looking again at this tomorrow.

"I hope this explains the issues we had this evening. I would like to apologise for any inconvenience this caused to motorists."

The roadworks are set to finish in early April.