BOSSES of a popular seafront fun park will be forced to fork out to repair a gift shop which was damaged by flooding caused by a storm surge.

Owners of Adventure Island on Southend seafront have also blasted the council’s sea defence, after Storm Brendan battered the seafront yesterday.


Rising tide - the seafront was peppered yesterday as the storm hit


Creeping up - the flooding near the kiosk

The fun park staff rushed to clear the rising waters in the middle of the park and the shop.

Marc Miller, managing director at Stockvale, parent firm of the park, said: “Thanks to the speed of our in-house response team there was not too much damage, possibly only the gift shop floor in Adventure Inside will need replacing.

“The main part of Adventure Island was ok with our new flood defence wall keeping the water at bay.

“However the high tide did highlighted a breach in the council’s sea defence allowing water to come into Adventure Inside from under the pier offices, which will certainly need further investigation.

“Lucky the tide turned in the nick of time otherwise it could have easily flooded Adventure Inside and the Pier Museum along with it.

“We have done all we can do regarding flood defences, we have invested [more than] £1m over the years.

“The bit in the middle of the park where the pier is at a lower level was worse affected and we think the wall is leaking like a sieve.”


Wet, wet, wet - Southend could not escape Storm Brendan

Carole Mulroney, councillor for environment and planning, said: “The town experienced a combination of strong winds and a high tide, which created some surface flooding on parts of Western Esplanade.

“Veolia put signage in place warning drivers, cyclists and pedestrians of the potential flood risks.

“We are aware of damage to the wall near Puglies kiosk and met contractors to undertake an immediate assessment and barrier off some of the pavement and beach.


"We have also contacted our structural engineers to arrange an urgent inspection.

“Veolia colleagues are also out clearing any debris that had been washed up on the seafront, and we continue to respond to any flood related reports.”