DOZENS of people have complained about grass verges being destroyed by motorists across south Essex.

Following an Echo article calling for action to be taken 75 people have made similar complaints.

Claire Wilson, said: “Some residents in Rectory Road, Hawkwell, don’t even try and find a space, they just think the grass verge is a private space. It’s been turned into a muddy bog.”

Paul Conner, said: “For this reason I put large boulders on the verge outside my house nearly 20 years ago. It works and the verge is undamaged. Cars should stay on the road.”

A letter from L Simpson read: “Calling Castle Point Council. Might I suggest that somebody from the council actually walks every street in Benfleet and makes notes of and sends a warning to the inconsiderate and disrespectful residents who think it is okay to drive across the once well kept grass verges in our town to access their properties.

“I have just returned from a walk around the town and am absolutely dismayed to see the amount of verges totally ruined and mud all across the pavement.”

Essex County Council told the Echo it will take action and has warned motorists of the consequences of parking illegally and destroying the verges.

An Essex Highways spokesman said: “ Unfortunately people driving across and parking on grass verges has occurred in other parts of the county too.

“This can lead to the look of an area being ruined by churned-up, muddy verges and can also make them no-go areas for pedestrians in wet winter weather.

“There are sometimes measures we can take when a resident or councillor has bought it to our attention.

“This could include getting a specific order to prevent vehicles going on the verge, with signs going up, we can then fine drivers if they do. In most cases once the signs are up, most of the problem goes away. The best thing for residents to do is to contact their local councillor with specific locations so the matter can be raised with the Castle Point Local Highway Panel.”

On The Echo Facebook page, Craig Tracey Kerner, said: “Rebecca Harris needs to come half way down Link Road. For five years I’ve been complaining to the council and highways.”