PUPILS are struggling with reading and are behaving inappropriately at a school, a watchdog has found.

The Cornelius Vermuyden School, in Dinant Avenue, Canvey has been ordered to improve by Ofsted.

As part of a critical report, inspectors raised concerns about lessons being repeated.

The report states: “Senior leaders do check the quality of education provided, but actions to improve the quality of education in some subjects are not yet effective.

“The outcomes at GCSE are low in some subjects as a result.

“A culture of reading is not established and systems to improve the reading skills of the weakest pupils are in early stages.

“Too many pupils are not able to fully access the curriculum because of a low reading ability.”

It adds: “Behaviour, although improving, is not yet good enough. Pupils are prevented from learning in too many lessons due to the poor behaviour of a minority of pupils.

“Teachers are not consistently using the behaviour systems to manage their classrooms and some need further support and training.”

Inspectors say the leadership team is “clear” that poor behaviour patterns from the past will not be tolerated and have worked hard to encourage better behaviour.

And although the situation is improving, there is more to do.

The report adds: “Teachers vary in their skill of developing pupils’ understanding of the subject content.

“Some teaching is ineffective and therefore some pupils do not have the knowledge or skills they need to be successful. Leaders need to ensure that all teachers are well trained in delivering their curriculums.”

The academy, which was rated as ‘good’ in May 2015, was, however, praised for safeguarding the pupils.

Inspectors found parents, carers and pupils say the new leadership team has made a big difference.

The academy has 907 pupils and a new headteacher was appointed January 2019.

The Echo contacted the academy for comment on the report.