OVER 300 metres of thorns have been left strewn on a cycle path by the council.

The sharp thorns, which can easily puncture bike tyres, have been scattered across the cycle path after Essex County Council trimmed the hedgerow on Runwell Road in Wickford.


Mess - the sharp thorns can easily puncture bike tyres

Cyclists have been left outraged as the thorns have proved impassable and extremely dangerous.

The cycle path, which runs alongside the busy Runwell Road, is the only safe route in the area for cyclists, according to keen cyclist Hector Macpherson.

Mr Macpherson, a regular user of the cycle path, told the Echo that the council’s actions is unacceptable. The 39-year-old said: “It’s not good enough. There’s bushes all along the road and the cycle path. They’ve just been left there.

“It was impassable for me. I know other cyclists use it frequently too. I see at least three people cycling there in the mornings. I cycle along there everyday, to and from work in South Woodham Ferrers.

“The only other option was to walk around it into Runwell Road, or cycle along the road.

“I don’t know whether cycling on the cycle path or the road is more dangerous at the moment.”

Fellow cyclists took to social media to express their anger at “the lack of care shown by the council.”

One commented, stating that nothing will be done until a cyclist is injured. They added that members of a cyclist group recently destroyed their bikes after riding over a pothole in Basildon.

Another cyclist said that this is a common occurrence on cycle paths, with a lack of recognition shown for cyclists across the UK.

Mr Macpherson explained how he is extremely concerned for the safety of others after he discovered the thorns on Wednesday morning.

A spokesperson for Essex Highways, said: “Our Rangers Service were due to cut back some verge and hedge growth.

“If they have left any fragments of brambles on the path, we apologise and will to go back and clear any remaining trimmings.”