A BOY was hit by a car outside a school in Chalkwell.

Parents of pupils at Chalkwell Hall Junior School told how the driver failed to stop afterwards, despite people witnessing the incident.

It happened on Wednesday morning outside the London Road school.

The boy was not seriously hurt and received minor injuries.

One parent posted on social media: “This junction is awful in the mornings and afternoons for school runs.

“Wishing the little boy a speedy recovery.”

It is believed the boy may have been hit by the traffic island, opposite the school.

A parent of a child at Chalkwell Hall, who did not want to be named, said: “The whole surrounding area by the school is a nightmare for traffic in the mornings.

“There are three crossings, where you push a button to wait for the signal to cross the road, but opposite the infant school it is just an island which is so dodgy.

“So many parents and children cross the road using the island but cars often come flying down the right-hand lane, as there are two lanes, while people have already started crossing.

“The visibility for the driver is poor to be honest until they get right up close but that doesn’t stop them from being careless.

“Pedestrians have to edge out and look.

“It is very worrying for the older children who walk to school alone.

“I think more safety measures need to be put in place around the area and maybe have the lollipop lady at the crossing with the island, not by the one that is controlled by lights.”

Essex Police have been contacted for comment.

A school spokesman said it would not comment on the incident.