A HOMELESS man has told how he fears for his life every night after being attacked by a gang.

The man had his face slashed by three thugs near the underpass in Station Lane, Pitsea.

He suffered a deep cut to his cheek as a result of the attack on January 12.

And the brave victim – a 43-year-old homeless man who has been on the streets with his sister, 49, for two years – has now revealed he lives in fear of an attack every night.

Speaking to the Echo, the victim said: “I’ve had bottles thrown at me, I’ve had people urinate on me. All sorts have happened.

“I was outside McDonald’s and we left to try and find somewhere to sleep for the night.

“I went to relieve myself and as I did that, three guys attacked me. The police put us in emergency housing in Southend but now we’re back out. We’re getting nowhere at the minute, I’m stuck.

“I’m getting to the stage where I just want to jump in front of a train. We’re sleeping in bushes and I get soaked, everything’s wet, I can’t sleep, as I need to be prepared.”

The pair believe they know who the attackers are and say the assault was targeted but claim housing officers have asked them to leave their emergency shelter because there is no longer a threat to their lives.

The man’s sister added: “Our friend died last Saturday, and his family are blaming my brother and me for his passing.

“He’s been told by the family to get out of Pitsea because we are going to ‘get it’.

The victim added: “We’ve been living like this for two years.

“We have been trying to get in touch with the police officer and getting nowhere whatsoever.

“They moved us to emergency housing in Southend. They shut it down and now we’re sleeping on the streets.

“They said they can’t help us and we now have to come back to Basildon.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We have made several attempts to speak to the victim, we would urge them to make contact with us either via their local police station or calling 101 and asking for Basildon CID.

“Our investigation is ongoing.”

A spokesman for Southend Council would not comment directly on the situation but said the authority is working hard to combat homelessness in the borough.