Leigh's  popular Corner Club has announced that it will no longer accept cash from the start of next month. 

From February 1, the Corner Club will only accept card and contactless payments. 

Recent research has  shown that one in six Brits are "card-only shoppers" meaning they rarely carry or use cash. 

Over the last year there has been a noticeable switch to cashless shops, restuarants, and cafe's, particularly in London. 

But the Corner Club seems to be bringing the trend to Essex, being one of the first places in the area to go completely cashless.

And the question remains, is this the future of shopping and eating out?

This season Colchester United have made the JobServe Community Stadium cashless, with no complaints from fans. 

Let us know your views in the comments. Is cashless the  way forward? Or would you feel lost without a spare note and same change in your pocket?