VILE yobs carved anti-Semetic slurs on the walls of a town centre towerblock.

The Nazi swastika and numbers 88 - a well known sign of the Nazi solute - were etched into the lift walls at Brooke House, in Basildon.

It has caused discussion about how this behaviour still finds a place in today’s society.

Sophie Webster, 33, said: “It is completely shocking to see this in today’s world.

“I can’t believe these people live amongst us. We simply cannot stand for this behaviour.

“It’s absolutely disgusting and we must clamp down on it.

“There’s no reason at all that people should be allowed to go about and express these idiotic and disgusting views.”

Basildon mayor Labour’s David Burton-Sampson said the matter is being taking it very seriously after a spate of similar incidents.

He said: “Whoever it is scrawling this racist, xenophobic abuse in Brooke House, I will make sure you are caught.

“It is unacceptable and a hate crime incident and the crime is being reported.”

A spokesman for Basildon Council said: “We are aware of the vandalism, and the matter has been reported to the police.

“Arrangements are being made for the vandalism to be removed.

“If any member of the public has any information about this matter please report this to the police on 101.”

It comes after Jewish safety charity, Community Security Trust, received 21 reports of anti-Semitic incidents from victims, witnesses or other organisations in Essex in 2019, three higher than the 18 recorded during


The most common type of incident was abusive behaviour, with 17, followed by assault with two.

Essex Police were contacted for comment.