A BRAVE woman is preparing to meet children who stole and destroyed her mobility scooter in a bid to make them realise the error of their ways.

Christine Bailey, from Southend was visiting a friend in Chaingate Avenue, Southchurch, when the gang of youngsters were caught on CCTV stealing and joyriding the scooter.

Footage shows the group wheeling away the scooter and wrecking it.

Mrs Bailey has told police she is not interested in pursuing criminal charges against the gang but instead plans on meeting them to tell them how their actions have affected her.

The 54-year-old said: “I left my friend’s house at about 6pm and discovered the scooter was gone.

“They had taken it and dumped it around the corner from the house.

“It was destroyed. They took off the headlights and wing mirrors and bent the whole scooter, I couldn’t believe the damage.

“My initial feelings were panic, anger and upset after I found out it had gone and then been destroyed.

“My scooter is a lifeline to me and my husband and my brother who are both unwell and I help care for them both.

“It is our only form of transport and was terrible without it as I was housebound.

“The kids were obviously joyriding my scooter which is one thing but why would they destroy it. It is obviously used by someone who needed it.”

Mrs Bailey added: “A few days later I had a knock on the door and three friends had got together and got me a replacement scooter.

“I was in tears and couldn’t believe it.

“What these kids did was just disgusting, but I am hoping to meet them to talk to them about it.

"I have told the police I do not want any criminal proceedings from this and think as they are only ten or 11-years-old giving them a criminal record won't help much."