A RESTAURANT has been banned from selling alcohol after two illegal workers were discovered at the business.

Basildon Council’s licensing sub-committee agreed to remove the licence for Menad restaurant, in High Street, Billericay.

But bosses say they will appeal the decision.

Stuart Allen, committee member said: “Essex Police asked us to review the licence and the recommendation, which was supported by the Home Office, was to remove the licence.

“We supported the police and Home Office in the findings.”

The restaurant was issued with an illegal working civil penalty referral notice and faces a fine of £20,000 as a result of the raid.

Essex Police called on Basildon councillors to review the restaurant’s licence.

Immigration enforcement officers raided the restaurant in High Street, Billericay, on November 7 and found two people working illegally Basildon Council’s licensing sub committee considered its future on Tuesday.

In the application, Essex Police cited crime and disorder as grounds for the review and added the incident amounted to “criminal activity which should be treated particularly seriously”.

A Home Office spokesman previously confirmed the firm was issued a civil penalty of £20,000 in respect of two people encountered at the business who had no right to work.

Shahab Uddin, manager of the restaurant, told the Echo yesterday: “We are planning to appeal this and want to get a new licence.”

Despite the raid, the popular Turkish restaurant and meze bar has earned glowing reviews on Tripadvisor.