THESE beautiful rescue dogs are looking for their long-term love this Valentine’s Day. Could one of them steal your heart?

Dogs Trust Basildon is appealing to help find homes for a group of eight lurchers and greyhounds who have been unlucky in love.

The animal welfare charity often have multiple lurchers on the hunt for new homes at the same time, typically due to the common misconception that they need significantly more exercise than other breeds.

In fact, lurchers and greyhounds often zoom about in a short burst of energy but then love to spend the rest of the day lounging on a comfy sofa, earning them the nickname of the 45mph couch potato.

Arthur, the three-year-old greyhound, is friendly to everyone he meets and never turns down a little head scratch from his favourite canine carers. He would ideally need to be the only dog in the home and can live with teenagers over age 14.

Sisters Darcy and Ruby are looking for homes individually. Both came to Dogs Trust from racing kennels so would love the chance to have a cosy bed to sprawl on. They have very gentle natures and could potentially live with other greyhounds pending an introduction, but not with any cats or small animals.

Duchess is an adventurous girl who loves long walks in the woods. She’s looking for an all-adult household and will need multiple visits at the centre before going home.

Oscar, who is eight, also loves the great outdoors and is a loyal companion. He is a sucker for a good snooze and is looking for an adult-only home within reasonable distance of the centre to continue his hydrotherapy.

Shona, three, is hoping to find her forever home this Valentine’s Day, with children over 8-years-old. She will need a bit of time to settle, but once she has she can be left for short periods alone. Shona also loves doggy friends, and will be able to live with one in her new home.

One-year-old Sam will need a quiet home that has experience with nervous dogs. He must have access to his own secure garden to stretch his legs in.

Star, an 18-month-old greyhound was never keen on racing, and would much rather have a family to love her. She’s lively, adores toys and is happy to meet other dogs out and about.

Lisa Cooper, manager at Dogs Trust Basildon, said: “It is such a shame that our lurchers and greyhounds have the reputation that they are a handful and need lots of exercise when it is actually the complete opposite.

“These gentle giants tend to want nothing but love and a comfy bed to snuggle up in, after a zoom about the garden. We have lots of them at Dogs Trust Basildon with their paws crossed for a loving fur-ever home, so please consider this brilliant breed.”

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