A LARGE multi-storey car park is set to be built in Wickford as part of a huge £10million regeneration plan.

Basildon Council has announced plans to rebuild the council owned “main car park”, located between the High Street and the railway line.

The plans will see £10million pumped into the town centre, including shaping the current car park into a multi-storey car park.

Details on the number of spaces have been revealed, but the Echo has been told “to expect more details this week”.

The Wickford masterplan also includes more food and drink offers to visitors to boost restaurants and shops in the town, and the introduction of a day centre for the elderly.

Speaking at Thursday’s meeting, council leader Gavin Callaghan insisted the planned investment is desperately needed in the area.

Mr Callaghan said: “The Basildon Borough alliance has announced £10million for the regeneration of the Wickford council-owned car park and the Coop store site. This is the largest investment in Wickford for over 25 years.

“There has been decades of underinvestment.

“Wickford is a shadow of it’s former self.

“Wickford deserves better.

“We will be working with the new owners of the Coop store.

“This will allow us to provide safe and secure parking for years to come.

“There are exciting times ahead for Wickford.”

Eunice Brockman, an independent councillor for Wickford North, stated that more details will be released soon.

She said: “It’s a real positive for Wickford.

“Any regeneration in the town is welcome.

“If it’s done right, it will be fantastic. Anything that will regenerate Wickford is good by me. It must be right for the people of Wickford.”

The councillor continued, and said that more must be done to improve the town.

She added: “The services must be improved beforehand or in conjunction with the regeneration.

“Improvements must be made to the roads. They need updating. I spend a lot of time here, I live and work here. More needs to be done.”

The plan was discussed at a full council meeting on Thursday.