A WOMAN has been convicted of racially abusing a man and his family on the school run.

Christy Andreas still denies she used the slur towards a man and his family as they walked between two schools in Dovercourt in December 2018.

However, she was convicted of racially aggravated harassment following a two day magistrates’ court trial.

In a victim personal statement, Orvil Taylor said the incident had left him worried and nervous about going out.

He said: “Since the incident I have suffered from anxiety and have been unable to sleep due to stress and worry.

“I am worried my family will be subjected to abuse.

“I do not go out on my own because I fear I will be targeted and accused of things.

“This incident and all which has come with it has caused me to want to move away.

“I cannot live in an area where me and my family will be subjected to racist abuse.”

The court heard Andreas, of Tyler Street, Parkeston, feared one of her children was being bullied at the time of the incident.

It was also told she was struggling after close family bereavements and had herself been the victim of violence.

The court was told she is in the process of trying to move her and her family to Colchester to avoid any future confrontations.

The mother-of-seven claimed the incident had been back and forth and that she had not used the language alleged.

But her defence was rejected by the trial bench.

Magistrates handed the 40-year-old a 12 month community order with 40 rehabilitation activity requirement days.

She must also pay a fine of £180 and an £85 victim surcharge.

Her punishment was scaled up because of the racial element of the abuse.

The Crown Prosecution Service had wanted costs of more than £900 to cover the trial but magistrates only ordered she pay £660 because of her limited means.

Chairman of the bench Martin Stuchfield said he and his colleagues had debated ordering compensation but decided not to in a bid to create a separation between the two parties.

When asked if she understood her punishment and the need to keep to appointments, Andreas said: “I understand, it is all lies but I understand what has to happen now.”