A MAN sent abusive and threatening messages to his ex-partner less than a week after being given a restraining order.

James Bourke has been locked up for 16 months for four breaches of a restraining order which prevented him contacting his ex-partner.

Bourke had been handed a community order on November 19 last year at magistrates’ court.

However, on December 1, he sent threatening messages to the woman via text after he got angry about not being able to see his son.

He sent texts such as “I’m going to shank you” and “you’re finished now mate”.

Bourke again sent abusive messages on December 18, and on December 30 and 31, where he made threats to her and her new partner. She later described the messages as “disturbing” and left her in fear.

Last month Bourke saw the woman in person while she was in a car and approached her, saying things like “look at the state of you” and “you still smell the same” and that she should “lock her doors” before slamming the car door so hard the window pane broke.

Bourke later admitted four breaches of his restraining order and appeared at Basildon Crown Court yesterday for sentencing.

Mitigating for Bourke, Chris Whitcombe told the court that when he had received his community order, it had dawned on him he would not be able to see his son for some time, and the result was him messaging his ex-partner. and that h?He also suffers from ADHD.

He said: “He acted impulsively and aggressively. He failed to manage his emotions properly.

“I would hope to persuade your honour to defer the sentence today so that he can begin his rehabilitation with probation given to him with the community order.

“He would then only have himself to blame if he committed any further offences. He would know without a shadow of a doubt he would not be going home.”

However, Recorder Tim Clark QC was not convinced and sentenced Bourke, of Church Road, Shoebury, to one year and four months immediate custody.

He said: “This was a series of persistent breaches.

“She must have been terrified. There is a victim impact statement, which you should read if you want to see the full extent of how you made her feel.

“The stage has come now for my concern to be her and the public’s safety.” Bourke was also given a lifetime restraining order.