A DISPERSAL order is in place in Basildon town centre from this afternoon.

Essex Police have confirmed that the dispersal order is in place from 3pm today, until 3pm on Sunday.

The force stated that the reason behind the order is down to a group of youths causing harassment, alarm, and distress to shopowners and shoppers.

The order means that if police believe that if an individuals behaviour is deemed anti-social, they will be given directions to leave the town centre.

If this is not followed, or, they re-attend before the dispersal is over then they will be arrested for breaching the order.

Pictures show the boundaries at which the dispersal order sits inside.

A spokesman for Essex Police, said: "Over the past week a group of youths have been causing harassment, alarm and distress to a variety of retail shops, fast food restaurants, customers, personnel within said shops and members of the public in and around the Basildon town centre.
"In order to prevent this from re-occurring Essex police have authorised the use of a dispersal zone. 

"Any decision to issue a direction to leave will be made on an individual basis based on information and intelligence available to the officer at that time.

"The impact on any person made subject to such a direction is likely to be minimal as the dispersal area is very specific."