A TRANSGENDER man will be taking part in a boxing match to raise money to help young people who have been made homeless as a result of coming out.

After going through his own trans journey five years ago, Danny Baker, from Canvey, turned his hand to helping other young people who may be struggling with their gender or sexuality by volunteering as a support worker.

During this time, the 32-year-old came across Pride Boxing’s Courage event - a white collar boxing event which raises money for the Albert Kennedy Trust (AKT).

The trust provides safe homes, mentoring, training, advocacy and support to young people within the LGBTQ+ community, who are homeless or living in a hostile environment after coming out to those around them.

He is now set to take part in the bout and wants to raise as much cash as he can.

Danny said: “I’ve come across things that have troubled me and this being one of them - underage people who are homeless, in crisis and extremely vulnerable.

“The first person a child would usually turn to is their parents, or their brothers or sisters, so the fact that for some it’s actually the parents who are doing the door-closing, is beyond me.

“This is real. Any help is better than no help at all, especially when it comes to the safety of children.”

Danny has already raised more than £1,100 in sponsorships and all proceeds from ticket sales go directly to the Albert Kennedy Trust.

Each boxer who signs up trains for eight weeks under professional coach and British commonwealth, European and world champion, Jon Durrant.

During a recent training session, participants were surprised with a visit from British boxing manager and promoter, Kellie Maloney, formerly Frank Maloney when managing Lennox Lewis in 1989.

Danny praised Kellie for being a fantastic mentor and someone who the LGBTQ+ community can look up to. He is also hoping to work with her in the support field.

Danny added: “I was at a training session and was told we had a surprise visitor, and it was Kellie Maloney.

“I just melted after her pep-talk and hugged and thanked her. She has been so amazing to me and I’m hoping to work alongside her for the company she has set up with Darren Ryan which helps vulnerable young people through sport.

“It’s for children who struggled at school or within authority, like myself when I was at school, and didn’t get the same opportunities.

“Because of the voluntary work I do and the people I have met, my job will be to identify young people who could benefit from the programme, and to put them forward to enrol in one of the courses which are all free and fully-funded.”

Danny’s fight is on March 19, at The Grand, St. John’s Hill, in London, and will consist of three two-minute rounds.

To donate, go to www.justgiving.com/fundraising/dboypromotions or to buy a ticket, visit www.fatsoma.com/rjvboxing/8elgq1be/courage-boxing-2.

To find out more about Kellie Maloney’s education sport programme, contact Darren by emailing darren.ryan@cantiatraining.com