ESSEX Police has launched an investigation into its own officers after a woman broke several of her teeth as she was hauled to the ground during her arrest.

Annabelle Forbes was arrested on November 25 last year in Preston Road, Southend, following a disturbance.

The 22-year-old was not the cause of the disturbance, but when police were dealing with her at the scene, she began to cause them issues.

When she tried to grab one officer’s earpiece, she was brought to the ground and handcuffed.

Body cam footage from officers shows on one occasion, after Forbes cocked her leg in an apparent kick out when she was against the police car in handcuffs, the officers pushed her to the floor.

This caused her to hit her face on the ground and break several teeth. One of those was lodged in her gum, later causing an infection.

Forbes did not receive immediate medical treatment for the teeth until the officers were told to take her by the custody officer.

Whilst in custody, Forbes spat at one officer, and later pushed another with her foot.

She was later charged with and admitted five counts of an assault of an emergency worker.

The court heard Forbes, of Hamlet Road, Westcliff, has been taking medication for anxiety combined with drinking alcohol, causing her behaviour to spiral.

Christopher Jones, mitigating, said due to the injuries caused by the push to the floor, she will have to live with dentures as her broken teeth were removed in prison.

Judge Samantha Leigh demanded an explanation for why Forbes was pushed to the floor, as she was in handcuffs and had no way of protecting her head. She also queried why she did not receive immediate medical attention.

Speaking at Forbes’ sentencing, Judge Leigh said: “She knows the behaviour is unacceptable, she is sober now.

“I would like to know why she was pushed to the floor and not taken to the floor. She face-planted the floor.”

Forbes received 16 weeks in prison for spitting at the officer, with one week concurrent sentences for all other counts.

A police spokesman said: “An investigation is currently being carried out by our Professional Standards Department in relation to this case and therefore we are unable to comment while enquiries are ongoing.

“We do however take on board the judge’s comments.”